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Entertainment Law

Entertainment Law

The Fenno Law Firm’s entertainment law practice includes the representation of record labels, television stations, television production companies, recording artists, reality show participants, authors, book publishers, fashion designers and others in the entertainment industry.

Music Industry
  • Artist-label recording contracts
  • Producer-artist development contracts
  • Producer agreements
  • Personal manager agreements
  • Booking contracts
  • Studio and studio engineer contracts
  • Collaboration agreements
  • Music video production contracts
  • Arrangement agreements
  • Side artist agreements
  • Publishing contracts
  • Master use licenses
  • Sale and license contracts
  • Mechanical license contracts
  • Synchronization licenses
  • Distribution agreements
  • Live performance / concert agreements
  • Trademark registration of band names
  • Formation of LLCs for artists or labels
  • Copyright registration
Television Industry
  • Production contracts
  • Programming agreements
  • Reality show actor contracts
  • Talent contracts
  • Life rights option and acquisition contracts
  • Literary rights option and acquisition contracts
  • TV and photo releases
  • Broadcast monitoring agreements
  • Music and content licensing
Literature / Publishing
  • Book publishing agreements
  • Licensing
  • Television contracts
  • Advertising and sponsorship
Fashion and Furniture
  • Design agreements
  • Licensing agreements